Either gets the type of a value or adds a constructor registering its custom type name.

This function is valid in v2.0.0 to v2.7.0. This function has been downloaded 0 times.


{*} value
A value whose type name will be returned. Alternatively if opt_typeNameToAdd is passed this must be the constructor for the corresponding type name.
{string=} opt_typeNameToAdd Optional
If specified, value will be looked for within an array of all known constructors and if not found a new entry will be added along with this given type name.


If opt_typeNameToAdd was omitted a string representation of value's type usually capitalized unless "null" or "undefined" is returned. If opt_typeNameToAdd is given, the constructor passed as value will be searched and a boolean indicating whether or not it needed to be added will be returned.

Requiring Functions

This function is directly required by the following functions:

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