Creates a function that when called will try to match the given string against strTerm.

This function is valid in v2.24.0 to v2.24.2. This function has been downloaded 8 times.


{string} strTerm
The string that will be parsed and used to test any given string. Double quotes around a substring indicate that that entire substring should be search for. A + preceding a search term indicates that the specified term must exist. A - preceding a search term indicates that the specified term must not exist. A substring surrounded by the forward slash (/) indicates a regular expression which can also end with i flag to indicate case-insensitivity.
{Object=} opt_options Optional, Default:{ ignoreCase: true }
Optional. An object containing all of the options to be used. The ignoreCase property (defaults to true) can be added specified to allow/disallow non-RegExp terms to match strings regardless of casing. The matchWordStart (defaults to false) can be added to allow plain words to match even if word only starts with the word entered in the term. The ignoreErrors (defaults to false) can be added to indicate whether a malformed regular expression will throw JS errors.


A function that should be passed a string that will determine if it matches the strTerm pattern(s). This function will either return an array of all of the matches (RegExp style) according to the pattern(s) or false in the case that no match is found.