Calls a function after all of the objects in an array have had an action carried out.

This function is valid in v2.8.0 to v2.24.2. This function has been downloaded 40 times.


{Array} objects
Array of objects for which a function is sure to be called.
{Function|Array} binder
If this is a function it will be called for each object in objects and will be passed (1) a function that is to be called when action is to be taken (eg. on an event), (2) an object from objects and (3) the corresponding index of that object from objects. Call If this is an array of strings the strings will be treated as event names that will be listened to.
{Function} callback
Function to be called once either action was taken for all of the objects in objects. If binder is an array of strings this means once at least one of the events was called for each object in objects. This function will be called with (1) a copy of objects and (2) an array of objects that will have a arguments property containing the arguments passed when the action was taken and a timeStamp property containing the epoch value of when the action was taken. The objects in the second argument passed will always correspond to the objects in the first argument.


Returns an array of booleans each one indicating if the corresponding object from objects has had an action take place.