How To Create A Gist IO Apps

Make quick IO Apps based on your code on GitHub by using Gists.

Step 1 - Write A JavaScript Function That Returns A String

Step 2 - Create A GitHub Gist

  1. Log in GitHub and go to to create a new Gist.
  2. Give your file a name; something that ends in .js to ensure JavaScript syntax highlighting.
  3. Copy and paste your working JavaScript function into the larger textarea after the name.
  4. Click the Add file button to add a new file and name it ~io-config.jsonc.
  5. Paste the following contents into the new file's textarea (replacing [functionName] with the name of your function and [functionFileName] with the name of the first file that you made in this Gist):
  6. Save the Gist either by clicking Create secret gist or Create public gist.

Step 3 - Test Your IO App

  1. Copy the URL of your new GitHub Gist and paste it here:
  2. You can use the following URL to see your IO App:

Congrats, You Created Your IO App!!!