Gets the value under the given root object and namespace.

This function is valid in v2.6.0. This function has been downloaded 0 times.


{*} root
Object to start at as the root of the proposed namespace.
{Array} namespace
An array of strings and/or numbers that represent the namespace chain to be traversed under root.
{*=} opt_defaultValue Optional, Default:undefined
The value to be returned if the given namespace doesn't fully exists under root.


Either the value found under the given namespace starting at root or opt_defaultValue if the namespace doesn't fully exist under root.

Required Function

This function directly requires the following function which is included automatically:

  • testNS()
    Tests a given namespace under the given root object and returns the values at each step of that namespace.

Requiring Function

This function is directly required by the following function:

  • bindCompare()
    Creates a compare function which binds the namespaces within the two given objects.