Gets an array of pairs (array of length 2) indicating all of the keys and values within a given array or object.

This function is valid in v2.7.0. This function has been downloaded 0 times.


{Array|Object} arrOrObj
Array or object to traverse to get all of the key/value pairs.
{boolean=} opt_includeInheritance Optional, Default:false
Indicates whether inherited key/value pairs should be included in the returned array of entries.


An array of pairs (arrays where the first item is the key and the second is the value).

Required Functions

This function directly requires the following functions which are included automatically:

  • has()
    Every object descended from Object inherits the hasOwnProperty method. This method can be used to determine whether an object has the specified property as a direct property of that object; unlike the in operator, this method does not check down the object's prototype chain.
  • isArrayLike()
    Determines if an object is an array or at least array-like.
  • typeOf()
    Either gets the type of a value or adds a constructor registering its custom type name.

Requiring Function

This function is directly required by the following function:

  • invert()
    Creates the inverse of an object by making a new object where the keys are the values and the values are the keys.